Sunday, 14 May 2017

Design inspiration from Home To Win

On HGTV’s Home To Win this season, the builders and designers are renovating a lake house. Judging by the first two episodes,  I’m thinking that this could be a great source of design inspiration for our house. I can totally see Danielle Bryk’s & Rob Evans’s design for the laundry room working in our upstairs bathroom…

HTW2-LaundryRoom-56761-2-781x520 (1)

What I love

Horizontal planking on the walls with simple baseboards and trim.


Combination of wood & white & textures.


Nautical-inspired accents.


Coastal colour on the walls - Benjamin Moore Grey Wisp CC-670.


This could also be design inspiration for… our laundry room!

What’s your go-to source for design inspiration?

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All images from HGTV’s Home To Win.


  1. Replies
    1. I think so too! I wasn't totally crazy about this week's rooms, but there was definitely some more good design inspiration :-)

  2. Does look efficient. Your home is going to be gorgeous

    1. I hope so! We have to get a bit creative, seeing as there won't be a whole lot of storage space in the house. Our laundry "room" is actually going to be a closet :-)