Monday, 22 May 2017

138 ways to disappear completely…

Last week, I set off for sites unknown to me with my friends Sara and Sybil and Sybil’s dogs Sooki and Wendy. We started off with a yummy lunch to celebrate Sara’s birthday at the Riverbank General Store & Cafe.


Our flamingo friends came along for the ride - their flock has expanded!


Then we set out to do some spooky exploring at an old abandoned satellite station. There are no signs to tell you where to go, and the road to the station is blocked with rocks. We parked the cars at the start of the road and walked about one kilometer to get to the station.



We didn’t let this silly warning scare us off…


This is what we found at the end of the road. It’s the only remaining building from the original complex that was built in the 1960s.


building back

It didn’t look too spooky on the outside, but then we went inside….


Spooky, but cool at the same time.

inside center

The ceiling rafters are still in great shape and create a funky design..

ceiling 4

The graffiti is colourful and creativel – and sometimes rude! Exterior graffiti…

exterior sunbeam

brick wall

graffiti 1a

graffiti 2

graffiti 4

And interior graffiti.

graffiti 5

graffiti 6

graffiti 7

graffiti 8

graffiti 9

ice cream


The floors are covered in all sorts of crap – glass, metal, wood, wires…. not to mention a whackload of empty spray paint cans. This was the only room with a semi-clean floor – probably because it seems to be used for bike or skateboard stunts.


It took me a few tries to figure out what this sign says.


Sybil wanted to see what’s at the other end of this concrete pathway, but it was so covered in garbage we didn’t get very far before we gave up and turned back. From what I read, I think this was originally a covered sidewalk that joined this building to a now-gone building.


It definitely wasn’t one of our usual adventures with breathtaking ocean views! But this old abandoned building has a sort of rough, edgy, mysterious beauty of its own. And lucky for us, death wasn’t that way after all!

good times

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  1. Wonderful photos Kelly. I love the ocean but really this was an amazing adventure !
    I do like this the graffiti. Some of it shows amazing talent.

    I'd go again in spite of the ticks !

    1. I got more ticks on me today right here in my own yard than I did at the abandoned building! 8 so far... hope there aren't any more on me!

      A lot of the graffiti here is really quite spectacular. I wonder if it's all freehand or if they use stencils or tape.

      Looking forward to our next adventure!