Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Window pains

Wow, who knew that choosing windows would be so hard! But they’re something that we have to get right, because once they’re in, there’s no turning back. We’ve been going over all the options for a couple of months, and each time we finally came to a decision, we hit a road block.

As you can see, there are a LOT of windows…


backeast end

frontwest end

The first plan was casement windows, but Brian was worried that the open windows and doors on the south side might bang into each other. Plus big open casement windows could be a problem in higher winds. So we decided to go with fixed windows with awning windows at the bottom. But the awning windows didn’t meet the egress requirements for bedrooms. So then we moved on to cottage style single hung windows – top third fixed, bottom two thirds go up and down. But our windows are too tall for the 1/3 + 2/3 style. ARGH!

And then one day a few weeks ago we went to a friend’s house, and right there in front of us was the solution to all our window pains – tilt & turn windows. YAY! They open into the house  instead of out, so no problems with the doors & windows hitting each other and no problems with the wind. They meet the bedroom egress requirements. And as an added bonus, the dogs won’t be able to push the screens out and escape in case they see a deer that they want to take off after.

So the new plan is:

  • Combination of tilt & turn windows and fixed windows for all main floor windows on the south & west ends and the second storey windows on the west end.
  • Single hung windows on the two east end windows.
  • Fixed round window in upstairs bathroom.
  • Awning window in closet next to front door.
  • Adding a skylight to the front of the house.
  • Skylights on south side and in the second storey bathroom

I’m a totally visual person, so I did some rough mock-ups of what the windows will look like.

back windows

east end windows


front windows


west end windows

The first batch of windows for the south side have been ordered – probably a few more weeks till they arrive, so it’s not looking good to have the house weather-tight before winter. But, we’re still truckin’ along – no shortage of work to do, that’s for sure!

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