Monday, 14 November 2016

Like the story of the tortoise and the hare


It feels like it’s taking forever to build our house. But like the tortoise, we may be slow but we keep chugging along! We’ve actually made some good progress over the last couple of weeks. This was the front of the house two weeks ago.

front entry and porch

Since then, we’ve installed Tyvek and vent grid. I seem to have forgotten to take pictures of the back of the house, but that side is done too.

vent grid east end

vent grid porch

The really big job is sheathing the front side of the roof. It’s more complicated than the back side because of the two peaks for the porch and upstairs bathroom. Plus the roof for the screened porch is a lot of room to cover.  There’s no way I’m going that high up off the ground, so Brian is the sheathing installer and I’m the sheathing cutter and hander-upper.

front roof from outside

We made a last-minute decision to add a skylight the the north side of the roof.

front roof from inside

This might be the tallest screened porch ever!

porch roof

porch roof

porch roof 2

I can’t wait till we can start the finishing work. I’m planning to paint the ceiling in the screened porch blue and install horizontal wood planking on the walls and either paint it white or do a whitewash. Looking forward to sitting on the porch and laughing at all the mosquitoes on the other side of the screens! But that’s still a while away.

A few more days progress…



roof 1

Getting close! Hopefully the roof will b done by the weekend. Maybe wishful thinking, but we’ll try!

kb logo 1a

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