Sunday, 27 November 2016

Saturday fun in Lunenburg

This is a busy weekend in Lunenburg and all around this area – Christmas festivities are in full swing, and the big event in Lunenburg yesterday was the Santa Claus parade. It was the first time I’ve seen traffic jams in this town that doesn’t even have a traffic light! I ended up finding myself IN the parade walking with the ElderDog float and handing out brochures to people along the route.

The ElderDog float is so cute!

elderdog float

elderdog float 2

The stars of the ElderDog float were Lynn and her little 16 year old furry elf, Clarence :-)

clarence 1

clarence 2

Judging by all the people watching the parade and the smiles on their faces, it seemed to be a big success :-)

parade 2

Because I was in the parade, I didn’t really have a chance to see or take pictures of the other floats.  I did manage to snap a shot of the old fire truck at the end of the route…

fire truck

And of course, I snapped pics of some of the dogs with the ElderDog float. This is Orea, Sophie, and Poppy, who are all rescues.




And for some crafty fun before the parade, I was at The Lunenburg Makery creating a new buddy to join Mr. House, Humphrey, and Pip – meet Slow the Sloth :-)

slow the sloth

Here he is with his other slothy friends…


Yep, that’s what we do for fun around here!

kb logo 1a


  1. Nice! None of your dogs were with you though?

    1. No, I didn't bring a dog. Jackson would have been scared by all the noise & children, and Sassy & Gizmo would have been too crazy! Plus they would have had to sit in the car for 3-4 hours while I was making my sloth.