Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Build journal – Moving on up

Wow – how can it already be September!? Summer has just flown by! But it’s not officially over till September 22nd, so I’m holding onto it till then!

We really want to have the house weather-tight by November so we can get the concrete floors poured (we’re going to have radiant heated floors on the main floor and in the second floor bathroom) and then work on the interior of the house over the winter. It looks like we still have a long way to go to get there, but Brian is the slow & steady & quiet & confident type, so I’m sure we’ll get there if he says we will :-)

We’ve made some pretty good progress over the past couple of weeks. My last post was about framing the main floor, and this time around we’re moving on up to the second floor. But before we could do that, we had to install a set of temporary stairs.

stairs 2 

stairs 1

Then we carried up lots of sheets of subflooring and started with installing it on the east end.

east end 2

east end

Hello there garage :-)

garage from house 2nd floor

From below…

east floor from below

And then down the walkway to the west end…


And the west end. One more piece!

one more piece

All done!

second floor done

Too bad we have to put a roof on the house, this is the perfect spot for a picnic!

chairs on second floor

Plus the views aren’t too shabby either…

bedroom view 1

bedroom view 2

view from second floor 2

view from second floor

Next up is building the framing for the two end walls and then getting a crane to come in and lift framing and some beams and rafters up to the second floor.

Yep, these two goofballs are really building a house!

funny faces

kb logo 1a

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