Tuesday, 5 July 2016

All work and some play

Not every day is a work day around here – there’s also time for having fun and exploring too :-) These are some of the things I’ve been up to over the last few months…

Sometimes when Brian is doing work on the garage that I can’t help with – generally anything happening more than 10 feet above the ground – I wander off to explore the cliffs around our lot.

splash 2

cliffs looking up

I love hanging out with my buddies Sara & Sybil :-) They’re always up for exploring, and we always have a great time. These are some pics from our adventures over the last few months, starting with a live sand dollar that we found on Sand Dollar Beach. Did you know that sand dollars burrow their butt end into the sand? I didn’t even know they have butts!


We went exploring in Blue Rocks and Stonehurst in April.

blue rocks 4

funny house 2

stone outhouse 1

stone 3 houses

And exploring Bachmann’s Beach on Second Peninsula in May.

wharf 3

trees 3

Sybil often brings her dogs Wendy and Sooki. They’re awesome girls :-)

wendy and sooki

On May 6th, the tall ship Picton Castle left Lunenburg on a voyage to France. I was up early enough to see her head out to sea, but Mother Nature had other plans. The fog that morning was insane, so I couldn’t see much. This is the best I could do, with a lot of tweaking in Picmonkey.

in the mist pm2a

June 3rd was Lobster Day. A bunch of us got together at my friend Barbara’s house and we cooked & cleaned & canned 225 pounds of lobster in 3 hours!

lobster collage

And of course we go to the beach every day to walk the dogs :-)


Getting artsy on the beach…

moss balls 2

There’s something to do every day here! I pretty much don’t stop till the sun goes down and the moon comes out…



Hope you’re out there enjoying this awesome summer weather and having some fun adventures :-)

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  1. Absolutely lovely! Is it humid there? I know New Brunswick could give SW Ontario a run for its money but how's NS? I'm beginning to investigate potential retirement areas :)

  2. I just meant to comment but think I may have replied to the email with your post instead. Sorry if you get my comments twice. I love the ocean and am living vicariously through your photos. Also, my father is a fisherman and this is the first I've ever heard of canned lobster. Isn't that strange?