Thursday, 25 January 2018

Shiplap Ahoy

Before we had even officially bought our lot, I was saving house inspiration pictures on Pinterest. One thing I knew I wanted in our house was horizontal planking on the walls. Well, I called it horizontal planking, the more common term is shiplap. Authentic shiplap is planks of wood with rabbets on each side that interlock and create a small gap between the planks. It was originally used to clad building exteriors, but it’s made a big move inside over the last few years.



We cheated a bit and used MDF shiplap. Not quite authentic, but a real time-saver because it comes primed and ready to paint. And there’s no danger of knots showing through the paint years down the road.

nickel gap trim

I kept debating what walls to shiplap. I love the look, but didn’t want shiplap overload. So I decided to put it on the three walls in the main living area.


And I didn’t want it all to be white. So I decided to paint the shiplap on the wall looking out to the water white (Pittsburgh Paint Delicate White, otherwise knows as Derelict White) and the staircase wall and opposite partial wall navy blue (Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue).

delicate white blob        office

We ordered a bunch of 7-1/4” shiplap planks – I think 91 (everything they had in stock) – from the hardware store, and then I got to work painting one coat on the planks before we installed them on the walls. This way I’d be sure to get the grooves properly painted, and it was easier to paint the planks on solid ground that up on a ladder or scaffolding.

painted shiplap 2

And then the shiplap went up. It was fairly easy and straightforward to install (she says when it was Brian who did all the installation!) The rabbets keep the planks evenly spaced, so no need to use coins or spacers. Once the shiplap was all installed, it was my fun job to fill all the nail holes. I used Polyfil and a putty knife and did two fillings and two sandings, then wiped the walls down with a microfibre cloth.

white shiplap

shiplap measles 1

shiplap measles 2

Remember, you have to get through the ugly before you can get to the pretty! And voila, finished shiplap.


shiplap stairs 2

I love how the white and navy blue look together. I do have a thing for white and blue :-)

blue and white shiplap

three shiplap walls

Another job down and 58,000 more jobs to go!

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  1. Amazing. You and Brian are building a dream home. Lovely to see a fire in the wood stove. I really like that blue and white.

  2. Thanks Sybil :-) The wood stove makes the house so warm & cozy! And I'm really happy with how the shiplap turned out - luckily, it wasn't as big a pain to paint as I thought it would be :-)