Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The unplanned kitchen plan

The thing about coming up with a deign plan way before it’s time to implement the design plan is that there’s plenty of time and opportunity for the design plan to be replaced with a new and improved design plan.

Way back before we even started building, I wanted a soapstone countertop in the kitchen. I love the look and feel of soapstone, and I’m OK with the fact that it develops a patina over time and won’t always look new and freshly installed.


The one thing that I’m not crazy about, though, is that soapstone should really be oiled or waxed regularly, and that turns the stone from grey to almost black. I really would prefer something lighter.

We know a few people who got their soapstone countertops from Nova Tile & Marble in Dartmouth, so I decided to go check them out for myself. Amber brought me into the back to look at the soapstone slabs they had in stock. And that was when it happened…. my plan for soapstone went out the window when I saw a piece of marble called Blue Night. It was a greyish-blue (or blueish-grey) with a glossy polished finish, and it was gorgeous.

blue night marble 1

And even more gorgeous was the little bit of a leathered Blue Night slab peeking out from behind the polished slab.

blue night marble 2

I could only see a small part of it, but that was enough for me to fall in love.

I kept thinking about that leathered Blue Night slab all the way home. The fact that the clouds reminded me of it made it hard to stop thinking about!

clouds 1

By the time I got home, I decided that I need to have this marble in my life. The island countertop could be Blue Night and the perimeter countertops could be soapstone.


I went back to Nova Tile & Marble to pick up the sample of honed Blue Pearl granite I had requested. I held it up next to the Blue Night marble, and it was like the two were meant to be together…

blue pearl honed

blue night slab 2

blue night honed blue pearl

So soapstone is out and marble & granite are in. And now the wall cabinets that were maybe were going to be green and then probably blue will now most likely be grey. There are quite a few other changes to my original kitchen design plan too, which I’ll tell you about in my next post.

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