Friday, 3 February 2017

Our windows to the world

Woot! We got two windows installed! Before…

windows before 1

windows before 2



windows one in

And after!

windows two in

windows after 2a

Two windows down, 26 more windows and 8 skylights to go! EEEK! I’m really happy that we finally settled on these tilt & turn windows from PolyTech. I’m also happy that we added transoms to the windows. They add a nice detail without interfering with the view.

windows from inside

And in other progress news…. Brian finally finished installing the underlay on the roof, so the house is pretty much weather-tight now. YAY! And he’s installed some of the exterior trim too.


I started filling and taping all the seams in the styrofoam insulation before Christmas and finally got back to it this week.  There’s still some left to do at the tops of the two end walls, but that job might have to go to Brian. I’ve overcome my fear of heights a bit, but not that much! All the red stripes are my handiwork :-)



After a day of work on the house, we had a nice sunset walk on the beach with the dogs.

gizmo jackson 1


Next on the agenda – buying 600 screws and installing more windows. We’re doing a pretty good job of keeping all the local hardware stores in business!

kb logo 1a


  1. Nice!! but what do you mean by tilt and turn windows???

    1. You can open them two ways - they can tilt open from the top, or they can swing open from the side. Very high-tech ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sara, I'm excited too! But right now, I'm cold - we were at the house all afternoon installing more windows. I think even my teeth are cold!