Monday, 13 June 2016

Catch up time – SOLD!


It took a year, but in mid-May, we finally got an offer on our house. Three offers in one day, in fact! We accepted the best of the bunch, and we can finally call our house SOLD! Then we had only two weeks to pack up and move everything from Ottawa to Nova Scotia. EEEK!

I flew to Ottawa on May 19th to start the packing. In my mind, there wasn’t much to do – after all, we’d done a lot of packing and purging before we put the house up for sale last May. Ummmmm…. wrong! SO. MUCH. STUFF. EVERYWHERE. Even after selling a bunch of stuff, there was still way more stuff to pack than I thought there would be.


packing 1


packing 2

packing 3

It was a LOT of work – luckily interspersed with fun with friends and my dad who came for a few days to help. Thank you Rona for all the help with the kitchen packing!

kelly and rona

Then  I came back to Nova Scotia and Brian went to Ottawa to finish the packing. Seems I had underestimated my packing accomplishments, because Brian still had a crapload of work to do. Plus he and his friends had to pack up the moving truck.  A 26 foot long moving truck, and it was literally packed to the max!

truck 3

28 hours after leaving Ottawa, Brian got back to NS at 1:00 in the morning, and then spent half an hour backing the truck and trailer into the driveway. With just some minor damage to the lawn – Oopsie!


It looks so innocent just sitting there in the driveway…

truck and trailer

And then this happened…. a U-Haul explosion! And these pics don’t include all the furniture that went right from the truck into the basement for storage.


boxes 1


boxes 2


boxes 3



empty truck

Take my advice – don’t move unless you absolutely have to. It’s really not much fun!

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