Friday, 10 June 2016

Catch up time – Garage progress

Eeek, it’s been few weeks since my last post. But, there’s a good reason for that – LOTS of exciting stuff has been going on and Brian and I have been crazy-busy. Time to play some catch-up!

First, let’s get up to speed on the garage. Last time I posted pics, we were working on the shingling. And we’re still working on the shingling. We might be shingling for the next three years - this garage is one big sucker! But we’ve gotten quite a bit of shingling done since my last garage update…

May 6th – Back side – DONE!

May 6 back of garage done

Then we moved to the south end and front of the garage…

water end


wate end and front

May 18th – Front side – DONE! And if I may toot my horn just a bit, I did almost all of the shingling on this side myself :-) This is also around the time I started losing my marbles and kept repeating “Puppy Monkey Baby” over and over and thinking it was the most hilarious thing ever. Don’t ask me why!

may 18 front done

Meanwhile, Brian was making good progress on the south end of the garage…

may 18 water end shingles

And the front & end together…

may 18 front done and water end

Some random shots from around the garage…

ladders may 10

scaffolding view may 10

shingling may 14

May 18th was a big day for another reason – that’s up next!

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