Friday, 6 May 2016

Bon Voyage Picton Castle!

We were driving home around 7:00 last night and I saw a ship in the bay across the road from our house. I ran inside and got my camera to snap some pictures. Unfortunately, it was grey and drizzly and the ship was kind of far off, so this is the best I could do with my zoom lens…


Looks kinda like a pirate ship, doesn’t it? :-) I posted the picture on Facebook, and a friend told me that the ship is the Picton Castle – which happens to be my favourite Lunenburg ship! As it turns out, Picton Castle is heading across the Atlantic on a three month voyage to France and was anchoring in the bay overnight.

I was hoping to get some better pictures this morning, but I had no idea what time she was leaving. I went outside to check the bay around 8:15 and she was still anchored in the same spot. Woot! I got my camera and drove up the road a bit to hopefully get some closer shots. But when I got there, she was gone. No problem, I’d already picked out the perfect spot to see her sail out to the open ocean. I got there in about five minutes, and I was right – it WAS the perfect spot! There was the Picton Castle right in front of me…. surrounded by fog. CRAP! So much for best laid plans…. I took a bunch of pictures and played around with a couple of the better ones to try and make them less fuzzy. This is the best I could do…

in the mist pm2a


in the mist pm4a

And then a few minutes later, she was completely hidden by the fog….

waves and fog pm1a

Here’s a better picture I took of Picton Castle when we were in Lunenburg in 2009.

picton castle 3

And a few recent pictures that were taken on a less foggy day in Lunenburg :-)

picton castle 1


picton castle 2


Bon Voyage to Picton Castle and her crew! And here’s hoping for a sunny day when she returns to Lunenburg in a few months!

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