Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Build journal – Where did spring go?!

Holy Crap, it was cold out there today! So what kind of work did we do on the garage? Why. screwing and nailing, of course – the kind of work that requires at least one bare hand to hold the screw or nail. We got a fair bit of work done, but man my fingers were frozen! Vent grid is now attached to the front of the garage, and other than two screws, this was all me :-) Girl Power!

vent grid

Once Brian puts the trim around the garage door openings, we can start shingling this side of the garage. Meanwhile, we’re still working on the north end. I officially can no longer reach high enough from one level of scaffolding, so I’m going to have to try to suck it up and climb up two levels. *GULP*

shingles 1

shingles 2

Some progress shots from  few days ago – see, I really AM up on the scaffolding!

kelly on scaffolding

kelly 1


kelly 2


I’m really wondering why we’re building such a freakin’ tall garage…. and we’ll need to do this all again for the house and then for Brian’s workshop. GAK!

kb logo 1a

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