Saturday, 23 April 2016

Build journal – It’s a pass!

The garage passed the inspection – WOOT! Now it’s full steam ahead with installing the trim and siding. We’re going for minimal maintenance, so all the trim is all PVC and the siding is cedar shingles.

I’m not entirely sure why we put up the scaffolding first, seeing as we have to work from the ground up. But here it is 25, feet of scaffolding going up…

scaffolding 1

scaffolding 3

scaffolding 2

Brian added some detail to the corner trim to give it some interest. The holes will be filled with little plugs.

corner trim

Brian made the window trim too so we could have the exact design we wanted.

window trim

We selected 2nd clear shingles, which have some knots. First row of cedar shingle. The knots add some character and interest. First row of cedar shingles in progress…


shingles close

First row done! And it only took an hour :-O


shingles row 1

And the second row, which pretty much covered up the entire first row!

shingles row 1a

And the third row, which is kind of the second row.

shingles row 2

Up to the windows.

angle 1

shingles windows 1

Our friends Kim and Bono came out to help…

kim and bono 1

Good job team!

shingles on end


shingles back and end

Lots done, but still s much more to do! I think we’ll be shingling for the next 17 years!

kb logo 1a

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