Friday, 2 October 2015

It was one year ago…

…that this whole crazy Nova Scotia adventure began.

A year ago, we put in an offer on a lot that we had rushed out to see the evening before our vacation in Nova Scotia ended.


We had no idea it would take almost 11 months before we would officially own that lot. There were lots of moments of excitement as we dreamed about what we would do once the lot was ours.

house goes here

And there were lots of moments of frustration as we waited and waited and waited for the sale to become official.


In May, we moved here with whatever we could fit into our little pick-up truck, trailer, and Mazda 3 hatchback.



Our house in Ottawa wasn’t sold, and the lot in Nova Scotia still wasn’t ours. But here we were, and all we had was each other and our three dogs.

three dogs

And then I met a nice lady named Anne on the beach. And then I met Barb and Avy and their three Golden Retrievers. We were invited to Pub Night where we met lots of kind, generous, friendly people.. They shared their own building experiences with us. They gave us names of people to contact. They invited us to come look at their houses. And most important of all, they made us feel welcome. We don’t feel like outsiders who had intruded upon this beautiful village nestled next to the ocean. We feel like we really belong here. And that’s a great way to feel :-)

And now what looked like this a year ago…


Looks like this!


We’ve come a long way, but we we still have a longer way to go!

Happy Weekend!

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