Sunday, 17 September 2017

A home for cucamelons

What, you may be wondering, is a cucamelon? Well, it’s really pretty much what it sounds like – it’s a tiny cucumber that looks like a tiny watermelon.



I’d never heard of cucamelons till last Tuesday. when someone brought a bowl of them to rug hooking. I was a bit apprehensive biting into the first one, but it was actually pretty good. Kind of like a cucumber dipped in vinegar – not exactly pickled, but with a bit of an acidic zing. I popped a few more into my mouth, and brought home one cucamelon to try growing my own from the seeds.

Problem is…. where can I put a garden? Right next to the ocean isn’t the greatest spot for growing fruits & veggies. Too windy, mist from salty water, not to mention that the ground is pretty solid ‘cause it’s pretty much all rock.

And then I had an idea. A couple of weeks ago, work started on our septic field. First they dug out a small road…


Then cleared the area where the septic field is going.


excavator truck

Then they trucked in soil and sand – supervised by site foredogs Gizmo & Sassy ;-)

septic field 1

Once they finish the septic field, they’ll toss grass seed over it, and we’ll end up with a big patch of grass in the middle of the trees. What to do with a big patch of grass in the middle of the trees…. light bulb moment!


It’s the perfect spot for a little garden! With raised beds so the roots don’t go down too low, and with a fence around it to stop the deer from eating the plants. Similar to this, but on a smaller scale.

fencing 1

fencing 2

That should keep my cucamelons safe :-) And I’m thinking of planting raspberry & blackberry bushes, and I’m going to try this method to propagate hydrangeas. Plus I might try growing peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and bok choy. Ummm, but first we have to finish the house!

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  1. It'll be a great garden. I'd like to try one of your Cucamelons before I grow them myself.

    A small greenhouse might be good too

    1. Cucamelons are so cool! The flavour is really unique and not what you would expect. Brian doesn't want to put a building on the septic field, but maybe we can find another spot for a small greenhouse :-)