Sunday, 30 October 2016

It’s really looking like a house!

October has been a busy month up at the lot. Even though the build isn’t going fast enough for my liking, we’ve made some good progress over the last few weeks. On top of finishing the sheathing on one side of the roof last week, we’ve also sheathed all the walls (except for the west wall, which is mostly windows) and done work on the front of the house.

The wall sheathing went up fairly quickly. Love using the nail gun!


east end

east back corner

water side sheathing

The ocean side of the house is pretty simple – the front side is another story! There’s the screened porch and the entry to build, as well as the deck. On days that were too windy to work on the roof, we (well, mostly Brian) worked on the screened porch. First he installed the flashing…

screened porch sheathing

Then the floor joists and subfloor and Tyvek (I helped with that :-) )…

screened porch front 

screened porch from side



And finally the rafters.

screened porch rafters

porch and kitchen end

And today we installed the front entry trusses.

front entry 1


front entry and porch angle


front entry and porch


And now we realize that the roof over the front entry is going to completely block the view of the water on the other side of the point from the bathroom window. So now I’m working on convincing Brian to add a skylight to the front of the house to get that view back. We’ll see how that goes!

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  1. looking through your front door to the water view behind...hope you decided on glass for your front door!

    1. OMG, it's been 2-1/2 months since I wrote this blog post and we still haven't decided on a door! Although now I'm leaning towards a solid door with sidelights and a transom, so it would have windows all around it.