Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Build journal – That’s a wrap (almost!)

Whew, finally got caught up with all my build journal posts, so here we are in real time. Well, almost :-) Friday was a bit on the cold side, but there was hardly any wind. So it was the perfect day to start wrapping the garage.

I’ve never been a fan of wrapping presents – wrapping a building isn’t really any more fun ;-) It’s not super-hard, but that Tyvec stuff has a mind of its own. And it makes this annoying crinkling sound with every little wisp of wind. Here we are starting the wrapping…

wrapping started

And coming around on the other end…

wrapping other end

We’re using wrap caps to attach the wrapping to the garage. They’re little plastic buttons with a nail in the center. Fortunately, they come with the nail already in place.

wrap caps

Unfortunately, you really have to use a bare hand to hold the wrap cap as you hammer it into place. Which was OK for the first few hours. But when the sun started getting lower in the sky, it started getting colder, and my bare hand got REALLY cold. I got into the car, turned on the seat warmer, and sat on my hand for 5 minutes to try and warm it up. Hey, you do what you gotta do! I wanted to finish hammering the wrap caps into all four sides, but I had to give up after one end and the back. Brian must have some sort of crazy internal furnace, because he just kept going at it like the Energizer Bunny :-) When I left, this is where we were at – north end, done as high as I could handle going. Not sure how my OCD feels about the upside down wrap, but oh well!

wrapping north end

Back, done. Lots of free advertising for Tyvek & Kent Hardware ;-)

wrapping back

Ocean end and front by Brian. No way in hell am I going that high up the ladder! And my fingers were just too cold to finish the front.

wrapping front and ocean side

And in other exciting build news….. we now have power! The guys from the electric company showed up on Friday and connected the transformer to the pole and wired everything up. It’s just outlets on the pole for now, but it’s progress for sure!

Guys hard at work :-)

brian on ladder

power truck 2

nce the wrapping is done, we have to put on the vent grid over the wrapping and install the windows. Then we’ll be ready for our first inspection :-)

kb logo 1a


  1. Holy moly it looks HUGE! Can't wait for the "fun" part to start :)

  2. It's INSANELY huge! I have no idea why it ended up being so big! And yes, the fun part will be much more.... fun! :-)