Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Build journal – Driveway DONE!

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted a build update. The last one was about the driveway going in. And now it’s done! Well, it was actually done at the end of September, but apparently I’ve been VERY delinquent about staying up-to-date with the progress!

The excavator made it to the house location and was sitting in our kitchen :-)

deere in kitchen

Turning in from the road…

driveway 1 

driveway 2

driveway 3

And looking back towards the road from the house end of the driveway.

driveway 4

There was a bit of a water problem at the lowest spot…

water 1a

So a culvert was installed. Water problem solved!

driveway culvert

Next up – garage progress :-)

kb logo 1a


  1. It must be so exciting to be one step closer. I love how isolated and woodsy it appears to be from the driveway.

  2. Good grief - how long is your driveway??? I hope you don't get much snow out there (but given what happened last year, I hope you have a snow plow!!!!!!!!!!